I believe in you

I got this email yesterday: “Paul — I believe in you and I honestly love your movies. I’ve seen every one several times. PTFSTP!: A study in film, Paul. Just a wonderful ride! Your films have a wonderful and very needed message of hope, survival, perseverance, and/or love that speak to everyone — Gay, straight or in-between.

“I know you don’t hear this from me very often, but the truth is you’re my hero in so many ways. I’ve admired your creativity, your incredible skills as a film-maker and actor — and I still just don’t quite get how you make your films look and sound so slick and so masterfully and expensively produced. You truly have the magic touch.”

I mean, this is just so deeply touching. I’m honored tremendously by this. He is supporting STARS IN HIS EYES. Please join him. www.gofundme.com/StarsInHisEyes

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