Ripping my shirt off

I give everything for my art.

I’m asking you to give a little bit.

Join Charles and Louis and the other wonderful people who are supporting this movie at!

This week I’ll order special-made props for the film: A jigsaw puzzle (5 copies), magnetic signs for vehicles, a pile of cash cards, tubes of lip balm, a fake driver’s license…..

I’m scouting for locations and found a gorgeous place to film yesterday.  GORGEOUS.  It’s perfect for this movie.  Omigod, I nearly died when I saw it.

And I’m working out the shooting schedule. The cast is incredibly busy because they are so talented and in such demand. But fortunately they all want to make this movie and are doing everything they can to make this schedule work.

Woooo hooooo!   This movie is going to be so much fun.



I believe in you

I got this email yesterday: “Paul — I believe in you and I honestly love your movies. I’ve seen every one several times. PTFSTP!: A study in film, Paul. Just a wonderful ride! Your films have a wonderful and very needed message of hope, survival, perseverance, and/or love that speak to everyone — Gay, straight or in-between.

“I know you don’t hear this from me very often, but the truth is you’re my hero in so many ways. I’ve admired your creativity, your incredible skills as a film-maker and actor — and I still just don’t quite get how you make your films look and sound so slick and so masterfully and expensively produced. You truly have the magic touch.”

I mean, this is just so deeply touching. I’m honored tremendously by this. He is supporting STARS IN HIS EYES. Please join him.

Tuesday Sunshine!

The best news of the day is Jack Overland and Brad Parks donated to the GoFundMe campaign to help make this movie!

Oh! And we have sunshine. Which is totally bizarre since it’s early February and I live in a rain forest. What a world, what a world.

You are helping bring joy into the world – despite everything – by supporting this funny romantic comedy.  Please pitch in and grab one of the fun perks!


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