Who do you trust?

Jonas Israel talks about what it’s like to feel alone.

It requires trust to make deep connections.

During the month of April, Jonas and the cast of STARS IN HIS EYES are making a feature film about overcoming the epidemic of gay loneliness.  And doing it with flair and panache.

What do you think about….


Jonas Israel tackles big issues: pine cones and ants.

He’ll also be tackling issues of racism in the gay community and the epidemic of gay loneliness in the feature film STARS IN HIS EYES.  The romantic comedy with a serious edge.


I found a bag!

This is the coolest tackiest bag I found as a prop for STARS IN HIS EYES. James Dixon will be carrying this around in the movie – trying to look unobtrusive. LOL.

Steve Reinisch and I are making a lot of the props for the film. We still need $42 to get the rest. Can you be our propmaster and send $42?


We have computers!

We have computers for the movie set!!!  Thanks to Next Step Recycling in Eugene OR this movie is gonna look great!!!!

We’re finding props we need.  And we’re getting more and more locations.

We need cash to feed people and pay for stuff I can’t borrow or get free.  Please help us.  We are so close to funding this $18,000 movie.  We have less than $4,000 to go!!




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