Paul Fleck

Paul and Denise Fleck (and Haiku) send their love and support of STARS IN HIS EYES.

Paul and I met at Universal Studios many years ago and are like brothers from different mothers.  His enthusiasm and excitement for movies is contagious and I’m deeply honored he’s joined us in making STARS IN HIS EYES.   -Paul Bright

Karen Peters

Karen Peters

I just want to write in support of Paul’s endeavors on this film…actually on any of his films. I have supported past endeavors and have even been involved in a few, one even offering my house as a location and changing area for the actors.

Paul’s ability to reach everyone on a directors level is fabulous, no one is “just” anything, everyone is important. The scripts are usually fun and readable and end with a good underlying message that we all can take to heart.

Good Luck, Paul Bright, may your stars shine!

Mark Bargeron

Mark Bargeron: “You have the opportunity to be part of making this film. We’ve donated several times because we support and enjoy his films. People around the world enjoy his films.

“Give him some support for his new film. He’s got some great actors lined up.

“He’s made all different kinds of films: drama, Steampunk, funny films, serious films that touch on serious subjects. Check them out and support his movies.”

Stacey McKeever

Santa Monica, CA: “We’re in a time when having any type of culture or art is under siege and while Paul’s is not on the grandest scale, it’s still important. It’s still important to do what you love and to share with other people, because it can touch people and in some cases change lives.

“Any amount helps. Whatever you send goes directly into making the film. Paul is incredibly transparent.

“You’ll enjoy what he does. I love his stuff. I’ve known him for years.

“I love that in some ways I’m like the patrons of old – I’m able to support and make sure that it gets out there. Whatever you can spare, this is a really great thing. Thanks.”

Alan Cressler

Atlanta, Georgia: “Hi, this is Alan. I’m a huge fan of Paul Bright and Paul Bright’s gay-themed films. He cannot make these films without support from people like you and me.

“I contribute and I think you should, too. Thank you.”

STARS IN HIS EYES – All love needs is Hope. When the Mob steals your identity, who is going to give it back to you?

Raymond Rothlisberger

“Paul has a gift which he shares with this world through telling stories in his movies. He has a talent of developing storylines and characters that we all can identify with and relate to. His movies are not only very unique but very much fun to watch and be a part of.

“Over the years he’s taken me on many different journeys and along the way I get introduced to characters and towns that I’m just mesmerized and captivated by.

“It’s really easy to be supportive of someone who brings so much joy through entertaining us. Thank you, Paul, for all the years of entertainment you provided me.”

Al Rindlisbacher


Bern, Switzerland: Al Rindlisbacher supports Paul Bright’s movies because they are full of heart, drama, romance, twists, and most of all relatable characters.

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