The Stars of Stars In His Eyes

James Dixon

James Dixon stars as the optimistic Bob Hope in STARS IN HIS EYES.

James Dixon will steal your heart in the role of Bob Hope.  An amazingly talented performer who is also extremely active in Oregon’s social justice movement, James and I clicked the moment we met. I knew he was the person who could bring heartache and redemption to the film.

I tried to play it cool as we chatted in the coffee house, but my heart was racing and I wanted to jump up and down like Tom Cruise on a couch, screaming “Please make this movie with me!  If you don’t I’ll be heartbroken!”  He accepted the role two days later.

James grew up in North Carolina and lived in 6 countries before moving to Oregon. He is a full time stage actor and a member of Theatre Vertigo. We are filming STARS IN HIS EYES on nights he is not performing on stage.

Jonas Israel

Jonas Israel stars as the scheming mafioso Carlo Vespucci.

In the role of the Mafia businessman, Jonas Israel is so adorable it’s hard to hate him for his ruthless scheme to steal millions of dollars. Jonas inspired the concept for the film’s setting when he told me stories about working a horoscope chatline in San Francisco.

Jonas starred in MY SUMMER AS A GOTH, PROF TOM FOOLERY SAVES THE PLANET! and multiple short films and commercial projects. He is a veteran stage actor who studied with The Drama Studio of London, Lee Strasberg, Jeff Cory and Keith Johnstone.  He also plays a mean guitar.

Samson Syharath

Samson Syharath plays the chatline operator with attitude.

The Homo Horoscope Hotline in STARS IN HIS EYES is a never ending office party as the guys flirt with their customers and each other. Samson Syharath keeps the party rolling by making everyone feel like they belong – until he’s told he doesn’t.

As a Lao American actor, director, teacher, and theatre producer, Samson helped start Theatre Diaspora, a project of MediaRites that is committed to fiercely celebrating and creatively advocating for the Asian American/Pacific Islander experience through stage work. His extensive theater credits range from Shakespeare to musical comedy and is a member of Theatre Vertigo. We are filming STARS IN HIS EYES on nights he is not performing on stage.

Walter Petryk

Walter Petryk plays the best friend with a conspiracy theory about everything.

Walter Petryk starred as the villain in PROF TOM FOOLERY SAVES THE PLANET! and I’m delighted he’s taking on a very different character in STARS IN HIS EYES. He has a long list of stage credits from New York and moved to the Pacific Northwest after stage managing for an X-Files regular in Vancouver, B.C. Currently he is stage managing in Portland for Experience Theater Project and Milagro Theater. As an experimental playwright, his Klingon Opera THE GREAT TRIBBLE HUNT, was produced in NY and published by Routledge Press. He also travels the globe as a Daniel Radcliffe impersonator.


Nate Ayers

Nate Ayers’ character keeps it real.

While working on stage with Nate Ayers in the drama NEXT FALL, I knew he would be perfect for the role of Benjamin in STARS IN HIS EYES. A truly sincere, compassionate man who challenges everyone he meets to accept and honor people unlike themselves, Nate’s theater work is a testament to his outstanding character.  This is Nate’s first feature film, the beginning of a long career.

Paul Bright

Paul Bright is the love interest.

When I have an actor as beautiful as James Dixon in the lead, how could I not play the supporting role of his new-found love, Peter? My character is a bit mysterious, the enigmatic lover with secrets. Bob and Peter share a love for cooking – they first meet in the grocery fruit section, then at a cooking class, and finally Peter invites Bob to dinner. What happens after is a story you’ll have to see to believe.

I’ve been wanting to tell this story about Bob and his colleagues for years, and it took me years to perfect the script. As the writer/director of STARS IN HIS EYES this will be my most important film. Unlike previous movies that I’ve released quickly upon completion, I’m sending this movie to the festival circuit and am already discussing the project with distribution companies.

Every movie needs the bad guys, the innocent bystanders, the funny woman at checkout.  These amazing actors bring the movie alive.

STARS IN HIS EYES is the story everyone yearns to hear.










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